Thank you

I wanted to take a moment to be thankful for the people in my life who have given value in my life. This list is not complete, and I don’t think it will ever be. I hope to continue to add to this list as a lifelong endeavor. The aim is that this page becomes a lifelong journal of gratitude. This is just the first draft.

Jeremy Caywood

You’re responsible for being the welcoming face of the Pittsburgh music Scene to me. We worked together for years and made tons of music. You’re like a brother to me.

Liss Victory

You opened up your home to have an open mic in your living room. You work hard on things that support and connect many. You are a force of positive change. Recently, you have been a rock in my spiritual journey.

Jeff Holt (RIP)

You gave me a job working as a sound engineer, and cook at Hambones. You told me when you hired me that you don’t want this job to get in the way of my music. Your willingness to make a home and hearth for artists is a spirit. That’s a part of me now. You’ll live in me, I only hope to continue passing that spirit onward.

You’re a Legend.

Your story isn’t over.


Dave can be rough around the edges sometime, but he really cares about his people. Saved my ass during the beginning of this pandemic. I really fell into place as a sound engineer and stagehand at festivals. My time here felt like an exponential takeoff compared to

Mr. Smalls

Mike, Liz, Taylor, Dylan, Shaunden, Denny, Jeremy, there are so many more of you….

Mike and Liz are the PGH King and Queen of DIY. In my mind saying family is inclusive of the staff, I just thought I should clarify. I fell in love with your venue and you gave me a chance and encouraged me to learn to build, create and push the limit of my potential. We built the cafe together, as a team. We built the studio together, as a team. Best place to see a show in PGH. wonderful team to work with. Acousticafe at the funhouse was my introduction into the Pittsburgh songwriter scene. What a glorious first impression.

Porch Unplugged

Joe, Keyamo, and LV

Joe, you made your home a safe place for people to perform, and touring artists to crash. You made the DIY house show scene classy. Keyamo, we worked on creative projects on a whim that became all day productions. You’re a cowriter on several of my songs. You challenged me to write my first songs and perform them. LV, your calm and collected method as an engineer always struck me. You empowered me to get involved with recording. The three of you were part of a very formative part of my music professional journey.

123 Pleasant Street

You made Morgantown feel like home. I retired several pairs of shoes on your dance floor.

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