Hoodies and other merch coming soon!

I just reached out to a independent print shop here and Brooklyn for a quote.

I’ve been playing music for a long time now, but up until now I have been hesitant to try to sell it. It feels ridiculous in hindsight considering the amount of time I spent shopping my music at open mics, going to shows, and building a network of awesome musician friends.

I woke up on a Sunday morning and my heart was racing. Without words in my mind I imagined setting up my tools to record. I was compelled to start doing it. It felt incredible!

I spent the whole day experimenting with sounds and moving the things in the room around to make my little studio exactly how I wanted it.

I wasn’t thinking in words, just imagining it and doing it. It felt great overcoming negative self talk and just fully be in the moment.

Apparently that’s how some people are by default. I’m happy for them. It’s a good feeling! I can really appreciate the contrast I get though, it feels like a kind of high.

I’m reworking some designs as I write this and I can’t wait for you to see it!

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